Guten Morgen Grammar!

Nagelneu (brand new) to the site: Guten Morgen Berlin’s German language and grammar lessons!

Below you can find a list of all the lessons currently available on Guten Morgen Grammar. If you are a bit confused about any of the grammatical terminology itself, check out the Glossarama, which has full explanations of all of the weird grammar vocab that might crop up in the lessons and in your German learning.

Adjective Endings and the Magic Saucepan  

Hot Dative – an introduction to the dative case

Conjunctions Part 1 (co-ordinating and mixed conjunctions)

Conjunctions Part 2 (subordinating conjunctions)

Let’s talk about bzw – An explanation of how to use common abbreviations in German

Weak masculine nouns, and other life truths reflected in grammar

Simple past my ars…t

New lessons coming soon!