I’m back, baby!!!

Neutral image as nothing visual is happening now.

Internet, I’m sorry. I tried to keep this thing going for a while, but everything got a bit wild for a while and I just lost sight of what was really important in life. Namely, writing inane and verbose blog entries three times a week. I have missed it, and Guten Morgen Berlin I have missed you too. Yes, I’m not in Berlin anymore, but you were my first blog and my One True Blog. So I’m coming back to you. I’m going to be in a committed writelationship with you from now on.

What will I write about, loyal reader? Final exams, graduations, gardening experiments, episodes of remarkable clumsiness, comments on Radio 4 programming and cooking, most probably. It won’t be as good as the dribbling baby/insane Berlin adventure stories of the olden days, but if you’ve come here and you’re reading this, thank you and I will do my level best to make it worth your while. From tomorrow onwards expect regular posts. With photos. Maybe even puns in the title.

It feels good to have you close to me again, internet.

Rose T