‘Japanese sector’ is of course a metaphor for a new blog. The mountain is a metaphor for other mountains.

This blog has had a rather tragic dénouement. Like all other blogs, it suddenly and disappointingly faded into silence the minute I left Berlin and realised that from the year of chaos I had waded through I was completely, utterly, head-over-heels knackered. I spent the last three months in duvets.

Yes, it’s no longer Guten Morgen Berlin but Auf Wiedersehen Berlin. Wiedersehen is a given at any rate, as every day the thought of wandering down Simon-Dach-Strasse or crunching on a Lidl gherkin sends me into deep and very German melancholy. But for now I’ve got to do the England thing and actually get that degree to which the whole adventure was supposed to contribute. But in case you were concerned that was going to happen without at least one or two outraged online outbursts, think again. The story continues here and also here. You won’t get rid of me that easily, internet. Jetzt gehts wirklich los.

Rose T